No-Dig Rehabilitation of Pipes


Maintaining reliably operating public utility pipes hidden in earth often requires serious technical tasks. These pipes are ticking as “time bombs” below our feet. The regular check, inspection and if necessary rehabilitation of these pipes are incredibly important to prevent unexpected damages.

Trenchless or in other words No-Dig technologies are modern possibilities of pipe rehabilitation. These technologies mean less noise and dust load to the environment, usually much more cost-effective than the pipe renovations or removals with excavation. Nowadays a great variety of No-Dig processes can be found in the market. 

Our company offers their environmentally friendly NO-DIG technologies to solve your piping problems.
You can find out more by playing our „Green City game”

To design the liner pipes that are best suited to the task, we use programs based on DWA -A 143-2, ATV-M 127 and ASTMF-1216-98.
The designs are based on the standards that apply:
MS EN ISO 11296,
MSZ EN ISO 11297,
MSZ EN ISO 11298,
MSZ EN ISO 11299

Besides No-Dig solutions we also carry out different ways of pipe inspection, pipe cleaning and shaft renovations so that our Clients can get a full package of solutions to maintain the safety of their pipe networks and operate optimally.

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