Inspection, Cleaning & No-Dig Rehabilitation
of Pipe Networks

Save time and money. Protect the environment. Choose No-Dig!

Pipe Inspection

To evaluate the internal technical conditions of a pipe network we use the well proven CCTV systems. The ROVVERTM equipment takes appropriate pictures of the internal condition of the pipe network. Based on the information thus obtained a technical...

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Pipe Cleaning

In potable water pipe systems deposits may be formed proportionately to service time. These deposits may greatly deteriorate the quality of the water transported. Unfavourable biological life forms in these deposits may result in...

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Maintaining reliably operating public utility pipes hidden in earth often requires serious technical tasks. These pipes are ticking as “time bombs” below our feet. The regular check, inspection and if necessary rehabilitation of these pipes are incredibly...

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Next Event

Next Event

5th Ökoindustria International Exhibition

November 8-10th 2017 at the Hungarian Railway Museum, H-1142 Budapest, Tatai út 95.


We welcome our partners on our booth on the 5th Ökoindustria International Environmental Industry, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Exhibition.


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Mechanical cleaning of complex pipe networks

Pipe cleaning with flexible elements is primarily the most effective cleaning method of complicated pipe systems, but it is also possible to remove…



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Ultragun - The liner shooter for faster relining

  • Longer sections in one goLonger sections in one go
  • Shorter relining timeShorter relining time
  • Lower costsLower costs

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