Mechanical Cleaning of Pipes

In potable water pipe systems deposits may form proportionately to service time. These deposits can greatly deteriorate the quality of the water transported. 'Biological life forms' may grow in these deposits under unfavorable conditions and can cause a secondary biological contamination of the pipe network. Therefore such deposits have to be removed. Currently the most suitable technology to do this is the mechanical cleaning of pipe networks. When applying the various available methods and technologies, the properties as wellas the material of the pipe network and the type of deposits in question must be taken into consideration. Our technicians possess more than thirty years of experience in the field of mechanical cleaning of pipe systems.

Putting our experience at the service of our customers we are able to offer optimal cleaning solutions for the decontamination of pipe networks. 

Pipe Cleaning with Flexible Elements (Cleaning Pigs)

This is primarily the effective cleaning method of complicated pipe systems, but it is also possible to remove the deposits from long distance pipelines.



Pipe Cleaning with Pulled Through Devices

This technology is used to remove the hard deposits in cast iron or steel pipes. The technology can be used up to diameter 150mm and maximum 400m in length.


Pipe Cleaning with Drillheads

This technology ensures the removal of very hard deposits. The devices are partially our own developments, partially developed by the German company ROHRREINIGUNG MOLCH.


Pipe Cleaning with Rotated Devices

Is one possible method to remove the stiff deposits formed on the walls of steal and cast iron pipes. Effective cleaning is achieved by rotating and pushing forward a cleaning head that is fixed on a flexible spiral device.